Veterinary Compounding

Now that you have picked up your prescription ... what about your pet?

Did You Know?

You can also purchase your pet’s medication from Corner Drugs Rx. It’s the same friendly, personal service you’ve come to expect, but now for your pets.

Advantages of Using CornerPetRx


Personal Service

We are locally owned; so you can speak directly with a board-certified pharmacist about your pet’s medication.


Innovation & Flexibility

Because CornerPetRx is a compounding pharmacy, you can get the right dose specifically for your pet. Sometimes the standard dose isn’t appropriate for your non-standard pet! Also, CornerPetRx can flavor and package your pet’s medication so that it is easy to dose and administer. With a prescription from your veterinarian. Examples of commonly compounded medications include: Amitriptyline, Buprenorphine, Cisapride, DES, Fluoxetine, Gabapentin, Methimazole, Omeprazole, Phenobarbital, Potassium Bromide, Prednisolone, etc.

Our dosage forms include:

  • Liquids
  • Capsules
  • Chewable Pet Treats
  • Topical medications
  • Medications can be flavored to suit your pet’s finicky tastes
  • Unique packaging for easy administration
  • Free delivery to your doorstep


CornerPetRx compounds many veterinary pharmaceutical products in our own lab by board-certified pharmacists. This reduces the risk of “supply chain” issues.

Pet Products

Ask your vet to give us a call or fax a prescription to 1-855-710-7228.