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After an unusually warm winter over much of the U.S., poison ivy and poison oak are already making an appearance.

And you know what that can mean… itchy, blistering rashes caused by an oil these plants produce called urushiol. One gets a rash if one is sensitive to the oil and either touches or brushes up against any part of the plant – or touches something that has come into contact with the oil – like a pet, gardening tools or clothing.

The rash that follows contact with the plant is actually an allergic reaction to the oil. Itching – often intense, and blistering eruptions are the most common symptoms – and they can be maddeningly annoying. Swelling of the parts may also occur.

Happily – homeopathy can help bring quick relief.

RHUS TOX when properly mixed by a trained health care provider in homeopathy may help prevent skin reaction to poison oak/ivy/sumac. Start in early spring and take once weekly for 3 weeks then every 6 weeks through the growing season.

This unique is by prescription only. Ask for a template to hand to your medical prescriber.

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