“Tired but Wired” – Fatigue, Stress and Hormone Imbalance

Many people experience high levels of mental and emotional stress on a regular basis, which puts a significant strain on adrenal function. When stress is not well-managed, the ability of the adrenal glands to do their job becomes compromised. The adrenals normally secrete cortisol in response to stress, with exercise and excitement, and in reaction to low blood sugar. The body normally secretes the highest amount of cortisol in the morning to get us going, with levels decreasing throughout the day. People with adrenal imbalance will often have normal cortisol levels in the morning with below normal levels at other times during the day. If stress remains too high for a prolonged period, the adrenals can’t keep up with demand and total cortisol output plummets, leading to adrenal exhaustion. The hallmark symptoms of adrenal imbalance are stress and fatigue that is not alleviated with sleep-that “tired all the time” feeling. Other common symptoms include sleep disturbances, anxiety, depression, increased usceptibility to infections, reduced tolerance for stress, craving for sweets, allergies, chemical sensitivities and a tendency to feel cold. Saliva testing charts the extent to which cortisol levels are out of balance, and can be used as part of a strategy that looks at the whole person and his or her lifestyle. It is helpful to work with a practitioner with specific knowledge and experience who can design a complete program of hormone balance and then monitor your progress.

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